The wedding organization that you deserve

We know you’re stressed out enough already, so we decided to take a little of the burden off your shoulders. Below, find everything you need to organize your wedding in Paris.

The wedding ceremony in Paris

The wedding ceremony in Paris is the most beautiful and romantic location in the world. If you are planning a wedding, then you should consider Paris. It is a wonderful place for your special day !

The rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner is an opportunity for you and your wedding party to relax together before the big day. It’s also an opportunity to thank them for all their hard work, because they likely have been putting in long hours. The rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before the wedding and gives everyone time to celebrate with one another and eat some delicious food !

Safety first

You have a lot on your plate, so it’s important to make sure you don’t get too carried away at the reception. You must remember that you are in control of yourself and your actions. It is not okay to drink too much alcohol or take drugs, as this could lead to some unpleasant consequences. You also should not drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs because this could lead to accidents resulting in injury or death, which would be very bad for the wedding industry as a whole and could negatively affect our economy by way of increased healthcare costs and loss of productivity at work due to missed days due to injury recovery time (which would also impact our economy).

To avoid these things from happening during one’s wedding planning process, we recommend refraining from any activities involving heights: do not jump off bridges; do not jump off buildings; do not jump off cliffs; do not even think about jumping over balconies !

The wedding breakfast

If you’re not going to hire an event planner, then the next best thing is to choose a venue that can cater for your guests. The most common choices are hotels, restaurants and private homes.

  • Hotels: Hotels with large function rooms tend to be more expensive than small ones but they offer the benefit of having everything in one place. You don’t have to worry about setting up tables and chairs or transport equipment across town if you’re hiring them out for both your wedding breakfast and reception.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants also have plenty of options for hosting weddings but we recommend selecting one that specializes in weddings or events because they will be able to offer expert advice on all aspects from start-to-finish without charging extra fees like some smaller venues might do. They’ll also know exactly what works well when it comes time for serving up food on a big table at once rather than having each guest order individually from a menu card which could result in people waiting longer than necessary between courses during larger functions (this shouldn’t happen during yours but better safe than sorry).

Paris – or somewhere else?

Paris is a great place to get married. It’s romantic, it’s beautiful, and if you choose the right venue you’ll be surrounded by friends and family on your big day.

If you’re considering getting married in Paris, here are some things that might help:

  • If you want a religious ceremony that takes place in an old cathedral with stained glass windows and soaring arches, then Paris may not be for you. While there are plenty of churches in France, most of them were built for tourists who want to experience church without being part of an actual congregation (or worse yet—a service). And while these churches are lovely from an aesthetic standpoint and make for a memorable ceremony backdrop, they don’t hold much historical significance unless they were built before 1700 or so (which isn’t common). You can still have your dream wedding if this is important to you; just do some research beforehand about what kinds of ceremonies take place at each location !
  • If lots and lots of people show up at your wedding celebration—especially those who aren’t related by blood but who share some kind bond nonetheless—then consider having it outside somewhere where everyone can gather together comfortably rather than inside one small room where everyone has limited space both physically as well as emotionally between one another during certain parts like speeches etcetera…

The wedding party

The wedding party is a great time to bring together the people who have been closest to you for your entire life. It’s also a time for you and your partner to show your appreciation, so it’s important that you make sure everyone has fun at the special day.

If you choose an attractive venue with good food and drink, this will encourage everyone to come along. However, if there isn’t enough space for everyone or enough food and drink for all of them, then this may be off-putting or even cause conflict between guests which can ruin their enjoyment of the day !

It’s also important that there is enough space for dancing so that everyone can relax after eating and drinking; if they’re standing up too long without being able to move their feet, they might get bored very quickly

which won’t help anyone !

The reception after the ceremony

The reception is a time to celebrate. Your guests will have been waiting all day for this moment, and you’ll be eager to show them that the wait was worth it! When they arrive at the reception space, you’ll want them to see a well-lit space where they can relax, dance, eat and drink freely (in moderation).

The most important thing about your reception is that it’s fun for everyone involved. You want your friends and family members to have a good time and because of that, you need an event planner who can make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish

If there are any problems or concerns during the party itself say, if someone accidentally spills red wine on the white carpeting they should be able to handle it without telling anyone else who may not know what happened in case they are asked later on why there might be red stains all over some surfaces around town !

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

The most important thing you can do is to make sure that you are enjoying yourself. If you aren’t having fun, the guests won’t have fun either. And if they aren’t having fun, then your photographer, videographer and caterer will be less likely to enjoy themselves as well. It all starts with you !


You’ve got so much to look forward to in your marriage, but there are bound to be stressful moments along the way. You may be overwhelmed with all the options for your wedding! Don’t forget about yourself. Treat yourself to a massage at a spa, or take some time off from planning and have an afternoon of shopping by yourself.
Make sure you plan something special every day leading up to your big event so that every moment can be memorable !