Wonderful wedding in Paris


My wedding in Paris was the best experience of my life. I always wanted to get married in the most romantic city in the world and that wish came true. The day was perfect, not only because I got married to my best friend, but also because everyone had a great time and enjoyed all the special details we arranged.

Romantic destination

Paris is a popular destination for couples, honeymooners, and weddings. It’s no wonder that the city has become famous for romance. The city’s romantic reputation comes from its rich history; it has been an important hub of culture since the Middle Ages.

This history is reflected in many aspects of modern-day Parisian life—from art museums to sidewalk cafes and even clothing stores! The beautiful architecture of Paris’ buildings makes them great backdrops for photo shoots or dates; there are plenty of opportunities to get your fill of Instagram-worthy snaps while you’re there.

If you enjoy shopping (and who doesn’t?), then this might be one of your favorite things about visiting Paris. Many luxury brands have flagship stores here; if you love brands like Chanel or Dior—or if you’re looking for something more affordable—you’ll find plenty of boutiques filled with lovely clothing options as well.

Flowers everywhere

Flowers are everywhere. They’re at every turn, in every corner of Paris and beyond. In the city, they’re abundant—a splash of color amidst the greyness that is Parisian life. Many people may not realize this because they are so used to seeing them that they don’t even really notice anymore, but flowers are everywhere! Interestingly enough, they play an important role in weddings as well as other types of ceremonies here as well; weddings often have little flower arrangements all over them (including bouquets for bridesmaids and maids of honor) and many ceremonies include beautiful floral arrangements from top to bottom (think about how much greenery there was during my ceremony).

The big day with sunshine and flowers in hair

I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful wedding in Paris. The bride and groom were in love, and their happiness was so infectious that everyone present at their nuptials was soon smiling and laughing with the best of them.

It’s easy to see how beautiful the bride was. Her white dress shimmered like starlight as she danced across the floor with her husband-to-be, who looked dashing in his black tuxedo.

The wedding took place on a sunny June afternoon; it was joyous and romantic at once—and a dream come true for all involved!

Wonderful view of Eiffel Tower and love birds

The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Paris and one of the most famous landmarks in the world. As its name suggests, it was built for the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris by Auguste Gustave Eiffel, who also designed the Statue of Liberty. The tower stands 324 meters (1,063 feet) tall—the highest structure in Paris—and has become an enduring symbol of both France and modernity. The Eiffel Tower is also very beautiful at night when it glows with thousands of lights!

A magnificent wedding in the most romantic city

If you are planning a wedding in Paris, you will have many choices to make. The most important one is where to find the most romantic wedding in Paris.

If you want something special and unique, then our proposal will be perfect for you!

We offer a magnificent wedding in the most romantic city of the world: Paris!

The ceremony can take place on our boat which has been specially designed for this kind of event or on our terrace overlooking Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. If you prefer to stay closer to earth, we suggest an afternoon stroll through cobbled streets lined with plane trees – perhaps ending up at one of these amazing places where your guests can enjoy a delicious meal:


This was the most wonderful wedding day – filled with so many special and intimate moments. The newlyweds shared ten years of love and friendship before this day and it was lovely to see so many loved ones around them on their big day. They are truly a picture-perfect couple, both inside and out !